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As stated by our slogan, "Let's play collective", Superbranche wishes to pursue the development of its technological platform with various partners. Producers of molecules of biological interest, Biotech or Clinical Investigation Centre, if you share this collaborative vision for the development of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address:

Find below all the team’s publications on molecular dendritic nanomaterials and nanoparticles / book chapters / book publishing.

1)         Development of a dendritic manganese-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MEMRI) contrast agent: synthesis, toxicity (in vitro) and relaxivity (in vitro and in vivo) studies. A Bertin, J Steibel, AI Michou-Gallani, JL Gallani, D Felder-Flesch, Bioconjugate Chemistry 2009, 20, 760-767.

2)         Towards biocompatible dendritic iron oxide nanoparticles. TJ Daou, G Pourroy, JM Greneche, A Bertin, D Felder-Flesch, S Begin-Colin, Dalton Trans. 2009, 4442-4449.

3)         Synthesis and characterization of a highly stable dendritic catechol-tripod bearing Technetium-99m. A Bertin, AI Michou-Gallani, J Steibel, JL Gallani and D Felder-Flesch, New J. Chem. 2010, 34, 267-275.

4)         Dendronized iron oxide nanoparticles as contrast agent for MRI. B Basly, D Felder-Flesch, P Perriat, C Billotey, J Taleb, G Pourroy and S Begin-Colin. Chem. Comm. 2010, 46, 985-987.

5)         Influence of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles on red blood cells and Caco-2 cells. D Moersdorf, P Hugounenq, L Truonc Phuoc, H Mamlouk-Chaouachi, D Felder-Flesch, S Begin-Colin, G Pourroy, I Bernhardt, Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology, 2010, 1, 439-443.

6)         Properties and suspension stability of dendronized iron oxide nanoparticles for MRI applications. B Basly, D Felder-Flesch, P Perriat, G Pourroy, S Begin-Colin, Contrast Media and Molecular Imaging 2011, 6(3), 132-138.

7)         Synthesis of Vital Blue-derivatized hydrophilic dendrons dedicated to surface engineering of iron oxide nanoparticles for breast cancer detection. M Kueny-Stotz, H Mamlouk-Chaouachi, D Felder-Flesch, Tetrahedron Letters 2011, 52, 2906-2909.

8)         Dendronized iron oxides as versatile nano-objects for multimodal imaging. G Lamanna, M Kueny-Stotz, H Mamlouk-Chaouachi, A Bertin, B Basly, C Ghobril, C Billotey, I Miladi, G Pourroy, S Begin-Colin, D Felder-Flesch, Biomaterials, 2011, 32, 8562-8573.

9)         Preliminary study of biodistribution and properties of MRI contrast in vivo dendrimers at the     heart of iron oxide, A. Berniard, B. Basly, I. Miladi, J. Taleb, S. Begin-Colin, D. Felder-Flesch, M.                Janier, C. Billotey, Bulletin du Cancer, 2011, 98, S73-S74

10)      Dendrimers in nuclear medical imaging. C Ghobril, G Lamanna, M Kueny-Stotz, A Garofalo, C Billotey, D Felder-Flesch, New J. Chem., invited Perspective review in DENDRIMER 2, 2012, 36 (2), 310-323.

11)      Manganese-enhanced MRI contrast agents: from small chelates to nanosized hybrids. A Garofalo, M Kueny-Stotz, D Felder-Flesch, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, invited Microreview in a special edition on Contrast Agents Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., 2012, 1987-2005.

12)      Influence of the nanoparticle synthesis way on dendronized iron oxides as MRI contrast agents. B Basly, G Popa, S Fleutot, B Pichon, A Garofalo, C Ghobril, C Billotey, A Berniard, P Bonazza, H Martinez, P Perriat, D Felder-Flesch, Sylvie Begin-Colin, Dalton Trans. 2013,42, 2146.

13)      Endowing carbon nanotubes with superparamagnetic properties: applications for cell labelling, MRI cell tracking and magnetic manipulations. G Lamanna, A Garofalo, G Popa, C Wilhelm, S Bégin-Colin, D Felder-Flesch, F Gazeau, A Bianco, C Ménard-Moyon Nanoscale 2013, 5, 4412-4421.

14)      Bisphosphonate tweezer and clickable PEGylated PAMAM dendrons for the elaboration of functional iron oxide nanoparticles displaying renal and hepatobiliary eliminations. C Ghobril and G Popa, C Billotey, P Bonazza, J Taleb, S Begin-Colin, D Felder-Flesch, Chem. Comm., 2013, 49, 9158-9160.

15)      Tailored biological retention and efficient clearance of pegylated ultra-small MnO nanoparticles as positive MRI contrast agents for molecular imaging. P Chevallier, A Walter, A Garofalo, I Veksler, J Lagueux, S Begin-Colin, D Felder-Flesch and M Fortin, J. Mater. Chem. B 2014, 2, 1779-1790.

16)       Efficient synthesis of small-sized phosphonated dendrons:potential organic coatings of metal oxide nanoparticles, A. Garofalo, A. Parat, M. Kueny-Stotz, C. Ghobril, C. bordeianu, A. Walter, J. Jouhannaud, S. Begin-Colin, D. Felder-Flesch, New J. Chem. 2014 Invited for the Special Isssue SUPRABIO, 38, 5226-5239.

17)       Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles: Tuning of the Size and Nanosized-dependent Composition, Defects and Spin Canting, W. Baaziz, B. Pichon, S. Fleutot, Y. Liu, C. Lefevre, J.-M. Greneche, M. Toumi, T. Mhiri, S. Begin-Colin, J. Phys. Chem C, 2014, 118 (7), 3795-3810.

18)         Mastering shape and composition to tailor MRI and hyperthermia properties of dendronized iron oxide nanoparticles, A. Walter, A. Garofalo, C. Ulhaq, C. Lefèvre, J. Taleb, S. Laurent, L. Vander Elst, R. N. Muller, L. Lartigue, F. Gazeau, C. Billotey, D. Felder-Flesch, S. Begin-Colin, Chem. Mater. 2014, 26, (18), 5252–5264.

19)         Dendrimer-Nanoparticle conjugates in Nanomedicine, C. Bordeianu, H. Dib, A. Garofalo, A. Parat, A. Walter, S. Begin-Colin, D. Felder-Flesch, invited review in Nanomedicine (Future Medicine) 2015, 10(6), 977-992.

20)         Modulation of relaxivity, suspension stability and biodistribution of dendronized iron oxide     nanoparticles as a function of the organic shell design, A. Walter, A. Parat, A. Garofalo, S. Laurent, L. Vander Elst, R. N. Muller, T. Wu, E. Heuillard, E. Robinet, F. Meyer, D. Felder-Flesch, S. Begin-Colin, Part. Part. Syst. Charact., 2015, 32(5), 552−560.

21)         Validation of a dendron concept to tune colloidal stability, MRI relaxivity and bioelimination of functional nanoparticles, A. Walter, A. Garofalo, A. Parat, J. Taleb, P. Bonazza, J. Jouhannaud, G. Pourroy, E. Voirin, C. Billotey, S. Laurent, L. Vander Elst, R. N. Muller, S; Begin-Colin, D. Felder-Flesch, J. Mater. Chem. B, 2015, 3, 1484−1494. COVERPAGE. VIP Paper

22)         Low Oxidation State and Enhanced Magnetic Properties Induced by Raspberry Shaped Nanostructures of Iron Oxide, O. Gerber, B. P. Pichon, C. Ulhaq, J.-M. Grenèche, C.Lefevre, I. Florea, O. Ersen, D. Begin, S. Lemonnier, E. Barraud, S. Begin-Colin, J. Phys. Chem. C, 2015, 119 (43), 24665-24673.

23)         Patent Blue derivatized dendronized iron oxide nanoparticles for multimodal imaging. L. Truong-Phuoc and M. Kueny−Stotz, J. Jouhannaud, A. Garofalo, F.-X. Blé, H. Simon, F. Tellier, P. Poulet, P. Chirco, S. Begin−Colin, G. Pourroy, D. Felder−Flesch, Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., 2015, 4565−4571. Paper invited in the Cluster issue on “Nanobioinorganic Chemistry: converging inorganic chemistry and biology at the nanoscale”.

24)         Radiolabeled dendritic probes as tools for high in vivo tumor targeting: application to melanoma. A. Parat, D. Kryza, F. Degoul, J. Taleb, C. Viallard, M. Janier, A. Garofalo, P. Bonazza, L. Heinrich−Balard, R. Cohen, E. Miot-Noirault, J.-M. Chezal, C. Billotey, D. Felder−Flesch, J. Mater. Chem. B, 2015, 3, 2560−2571.

25)         Development and applications of a DNA labeling method with magnetic nanoparticles to study the role of horizontal gene transfer events between bacteria in soil pollutant bioremediation processes. J. Pivetal, M. Frénéa-Robin, N. Haddour, C. Vézy, L. F. Zanini, G. Ciuta, N. M. Dempsey, F. Dumas-Bouchiat, G. Reyne, S. Bégin-Colin, D. Felder-Flesh, C. Ghobril, G. Pourroy, P. Simonet, Environ Sci Pollut Res., 2015, 22(24), 20322-20327.

26)         Functionalization strategies and dendronization of iron oxide nanoparticles. A. Walter, A. Garofalo, A. Parat, H. Martinez, D. Felder-Flesch, S. Begin-Colin, Nanotech. Rev., 2015, 4(6), 582-593.

27)         Design of iron oxide-based nanoparticles for MRI and magnetic hyperthermia. A. Walter, G. Cotin, C. Bordeianu, C. Blanco-Andujar, D. Mertz, D. Felder-Flesch, S. Begin-Colin, invited review in Nanomedicine (Future Medicine) 2016, 11(14), 1889-1910.

28)         Preparation of core/shell NaYF:Yb,Tm@dendrons nanoparticles with enhanced upconversion luminescence for in vivo imaging. N. Francolon, D. Boyer, F. Leccia, E. Jouberton , A. Walter, C. Bordeianu, A. Parat, D. Felder-Flesch, S. Begin-Colin, E. Miot-Noirault, J.M. Chezal, R. Mahiou Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, biology and medicine, 2016,  12 (7), 2107-2113.

29)         Effect of the functionalization process on colloidal, MRI and bioelimination properties of mono or bisphosphonate‐anchored dendronized iron oxide nanoparticles. A. Walter, A. Garofalo, P. Bonazza, F. Meyer, H. Martinez, S. Fleutot, C. Billotey, J. Taleb, D. Felder-Flesch and S. Begin-Colin, ChemPlusChem, 2017, 82(4), 647-659.

30)         How a grafting anchor tailors unspecific cellular uptake and in vivo fate of dendronized iron oxide nanoparticles. C. Bordeianu, A. PArat, C. Affolter-Zbaraszczuk, R. N. Muller, S. boutry, S. Begin-Colin, F. Meyer, S. Laurent, D. Felder-Flesch, J. Mater. Chem. B, 2017, 5, 5152-5164.

31)         Synthesis Engineering of Iron Oxide Raspberry Shaped Nanostructures, O. Gerber, B. P. Pichon, D. Ihiawakrim, I. Florea, S. Moldovan, O. Ersen, D. Begin, J.-M. Grenèche, S.Lemonnier, E. Barraud, S. Begin-Colin, Nanoscale, 2017, 9, 305-313.

32)         Umbelliferone decreases intracellular pH and sensitizes melanoma cell line A375 to dacarbazin. Comparison with acetazolamide. C. Puech, M. Chatard, D. Felder-Flesch, N. Prévot, N. Perek, Current Molecular Pharmacology, Current Molecular Pharmacology, 2018, 11(2), 133-139

33)         Evaluation of the active targeting of melanin granules after intravenous injection of dendronized nanoparticles.  C. Bordeianu, A. Parat, S. Piant, A. Walter, C. Zbaraszczuk-Affolter, F. Meyer, S. Begin-Colin, S. Boutry, R. N. Muller, E. Jouberton, J.-M. Chezal, B.  Labeille, E. Cinotti, J.-L. Perrot, E. Miot-Noirault, S. Laurent, D. Felder-Flesch, Molecular pharmaceutics, 2018, 15, 536-547.

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« Dendrimers for Nanomedicine » PANSTANFORD editions, 340 pages. Editor: Delphine Felder−Flesch Published, July 2016

Chapter 1  General introduction on dendrimers, classical versus accelerated syntheses and characterizations

                    Audrey PARAT, Delphine FELDER-FLESCH

Chapter 2 Dendrimer – Nanoparticle conjugates in Nanomedicine

                    Catalina BORDEIANU, Delphine FELDER-FLESCH

Chapter 3 Dendritic polymers for the repair of tissues

                    Cynthia GHOBRIL, Marc W. GRINSTAFF

Chapter 4 Polyglycerols in Nanomedicine

                    Mohiuddin Quadir, Rainer HAAG

Chapter 5 Theranostic potential of dendronized iron oxide nanoparticles

                    Aurélie WALTER, Audrey PARAT, Delphine FELDER-FLESCH, Sylvie BEGIN-COLIN

Chapter 6 Anti-inflammatory dendrimers

                    Cédric-Olivier TURRIN, Anne-Marie CAMINADE

Chapter 7 Structurally flexible and amphiphilic poly(amido)amine dendrimers as nonviral vectors for siRNA delivery

                    Xiaoxuan LIU, Yang WANG, Ling PENG

Chapter 8 Dendrimers as Nanomedicine in Cancer therapy                         

                    Keerti JAIN, Narendra K. JAIN

Chapter 9 Impact of physicochemical properties on dendrimer pharmacokinetics and biodistribution,

                     Orlagh FEENEY, Suzanne M. CALIPH, Christopher JH PORTER, Lisa M. KAMINSKAS

Chapter 10 Molecular modeling of dendrimers,

                    Matteo GARZONI, Giovanni PAVAN